An Extra Helping Hand For Soldering Or Delicate Work

Are you tired of those cast iron based flimsy helping hands? I absolutely hate using those cheap things. The ball joints never hold position! The clips always bend! Well, you get what you pay for!

This extra set of hands comes with a super strong magnetic base and adjustable arms. The alligator clips are very strong and are threaded on to each arm. They can grip and hold odd shaped things steadily while you work. The arms adjust quickly and easily, you just bend it into position! I use this tool whenever I am soldering electronics. It is a perfect addition to your soldering iron or welder. This tool makes splicing wire together a breeze! Jewelry makers like this tool much more than the cast iron helping hands because you can reposition the arms very quickly. There are no screws to tighten for adjustment. Simply bend it into position! The magnetic base has been coated with epoxy, making it very easy to keep the base clean from unwanted metallic debris.

Features and Uses

  • This simple design allows for easy operation!
  • Much more stable and larger than the cheap iron models
  • Perfect for soldering / splicing wires
  • Repairing fine jewelry
  • Helps thread needles
  • Saves you from burning your fingers!
  • Helps you glue things together!
  • Flexible arms allow you to apply pressure to your parts (something the cheap ones can't do!)

You will find so many uses for this in your work shop, garage, arts and crafts. Since it has such a strong magnet I store it on the side of my tool box!

One of my customers uses this to splice wire together on cars he repairs. Since it has a strong magnetic base he can even use it when he solders wire under a car!

College students all over are using these in their labs to help them with their projects. We are starting to see these on assembly benches from small to complex manufacturing! This is a great tool!

This tool is Made In America!